01 november 2012

Orgatec: And the winner of the Orgatec Social Media Award 2012 is…

Austrian Bene is the clear winner of the Orgatec Social Media Award 2012 # osma competition.
Not only do they show a forward-thinking product, the main reason Bene won the competition is their experience with social media. It is clear that at Bene, social media form an integrated part of their marketing strategy and that they have been using it for a while now.

Bene managed to attract a lot of attention from their stakeholders across the social media channels. More importantly, the involvement of these stakeholders with Bene is so great that they like and share themselves, but also reach out to others to do the same.

The winning picture and tag line:
‘The designers and their design- Luke Pearson, Tom Lloyd & the beautiful Docklands @Bene_Office’

Runners up in the #osma competition were Nowy Styl Group, Offecct, BMA Ergonomics, Eastern Graphics and Planning Sisplamo.

The top 10 companies represent seven different countries. The most organised participation in the #osma competition came from Spain. The FAMO – Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Office and Contract Furniture and Equipment actively stimulated their members to join the competition.

Here is the full ranking:

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